• Login to your shop
  • Select Product -> Products from the top menu
  • Click the + button on the top right corner of the page


  • Fill in the product name
  • Select a category
  • If your product has variations (size, color, etc), but does NOT need custom details like photos for each variation, choose simple product, otherwise choose configurable product
  • Enter a price for the product
  • Enter a description
  • Upload one or more images
  • Under the Pricing/Inventory area
    • Enter a product code
    • Enter the quantity on hand
    • Enter a list price, if greater than the selling price, product will be displayed as a sale item


  • Use the SEO name field to change the URL which by default is the product title
  • The meta data fields are used to apply a page title to your product or add meta tags and a meta description.
  • You can see the google rich snippets preview to see how your product will look in search


  • If your product is a physical product, make sure to add a weight in lbs (enter decimal value for less than a pound), otherwise there will be no fee collected to ship your product.


  • If you are selling a downloadable product, use this area to upload the file.
  • Make sure to check the downloadable file check box on the general tab