Mr. Rick King
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Mr. Rick King

I was a head run/walk coach for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s “Team in Training” for six seasons; for Memorial Hospital’s “Team Challenge” for two seasons; and currently coaching for “Ripon/Manteca Moves”—now in our third season. For these teams I am responsible for: • Devising individual and group 17-20 week full and half marathon training schedules • Prepping and coaching twice-a-week team workouts • Conducting long distance workouts of 2-22 miles (including route design, property permission, participant safety/aid, insurance, etc.) • Designing interval workouts and lesson plans for weekly track sessions • Discussing and/or reviewing a variety of topics including nutrition, injury awareness, stride, breathing, form, pacing, shoes, clothing, equipment, etc. • Helping to manage teams of 25-75 runners & walkers with 5-10 assistant coaches and mentors. My coaching philosophy is to keep the training positive and fun, and to do all I can to help each participant reach their specific goal. I listen to each athlete, observe their habits and workout standards, and make suggestions or offer motivation in a diplomatic, positive, fun and friendly manner.

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