About Us


We help coaches get exposure, we provide a home for listing coaching services, experience and more.


We help runners from the back of the pack to the front find the coach that works best with them


We provide running guides, tips and tricks, so come back often and read about your favorite sport.

The Runner's Hub is a place for runner's to find coaches and coaches to find runners.

As an avid runner, I found myself in a discussion one day with a friend who told me she was training for a half marathon and she wasn't sure if she liked the coach she was with. Well my first thought was that I was surprised she had a coach because I always thought they were only for the pros. My next thought was how would I even find a coach if I wanted one??? I suppose I could go down to the running store or meet up with a running group and ask around....but I wouldn't really be able to find all the coaches near me, compare them and even read feedback from others they've coached.

That's when THE RUNNER'S HUB was born.